What is an ADA Advocate?


Information on when a Notice of Appearance by an ADA Advocate to the Court and how they can enhance the position of your client.

That the ADA Advocate is not a lawyer and this should not be construed as Legal Advice or Legal Representation — but, a Natural Attempt at ensuring both sides are presented to the court and considered for the BEST INTEREST OF JUSTICE.

ADA Advocate can notify a Court that she/he will be working as an ADA Advocate due to the Legal Abuse by all appearances of the documents reviewed in the Clerk’s office of the Court with the finding of the questionable behavior of the Judge, the Court, and or others.

This information that is entered into the Record can suggest an advocate is appropriate.—

“The Appearance of Justice is Just as Important as Justice itself.”

The documents the ADA Advocate can find and review usually will show an injustice to the living, the deceased, and the heirs. That the SCHEMES of this and other courts disenfranchise a family from Justice while protecting a powerful lawyer with many “Ole Boy Network” connections.

The cases can be and are extremely disheartening to the family and the docket,  the documents speak for themselves being denied, Justice. 

Abuse matters, as all across America we have seen the “Me too” movement. The fact that a Judge is asked to recuse for Bias and then another Judge would then empower the recused Judges ruling is always questionable. That the appearance and the documents usually show the denial of any and or all meaningful discovery, with all subpoenas usually quashed after being filed. Again we look at the “Appearance of Justice is just as important as Justice itself”

We all have jobs where we may not like the person and or agree with the person, but our constitution calls for fairness in the courts. Has the system failed another American Citizen / WhistleBlower? The appearance and the opinion as an Advocate from the documents in the court, and in the past seen show an irresponsible, bullying, harassing, and disingenuous behavior of a lawyer and or Judge needs to be and should be reported to the appropriate places.  That the Professional Code of Ethics and Candor with the court requires such reporting.

That review of ADA discrimination should be reviewed by the Department of Justice and the ADA Coordinator.

Example Virginia:

Any person who believes they were discriminated against on this basis may file a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights. 

Office of Civil Rights
202 North 9th Street
Richmond, Virginia 23219

P: (804) 225-2292
F: (804) 225-3294
Email: civilrights@oag.state.va.us 

And or

ADA Coordinator — Dr. Renée Fleming Mills
Office of the Executive Secretary
100 N. 9th Street
Richmond, VA 23219

P: (804) 786-6455
F: (804) 786-0109
Email: ADACoordinator@vacourts.gov

You can file an American with Disabilities Act complaint alleging disability discrimination against a State or local government or a public accommodation (private business including, for example, a restaurant, doctor’s office, retail store, hotel, etc.) 

A Complaint can be filed online using the link below, by mail, or by fax. 

To file an ADA complaint online:
Online Complaint Form | (en Español)
Instructions for submitting attachments are on the form.

To file an ADA complaint by mail:
US Department of Justice 
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Civil Rights Division 
Disability Rights Section – 1425 NYAV
Washington, D.C. 20530

To file an ADA complaint by fax:
(202) 307-1197

All suggestions are just suggestions, and observations and not legal advice. 


Information About ADA Advocate

    1. Being ProSe, Being Poor, Having a visible or invisible disability all people deserve to be treated fairly in a courtroom.
    2.  It has proven there to be several “silent crimes” against many in the courts.

Helping the justice system help itself: certified ADA advocates can be and in some cases should be part of the litigation team Litigants with disabilities often need advocates in addition to legal counsel. The advocate manages the extralegal symptoms freeing the attorney to concentrate on the legal aspects of the case. The role of the advocate is the missing link in the judicial system by arranging accommodations to offset symptoms.

Advocates take on an even more important role if litigants do not have attorneys making their role as supportive counselors greatly needed.  Advocates serve a unique and critical function in implementing the Americans with Disabilities Act to secure equal access. Opposing counsel will sometimes accuse them of unlicensed practice of law (UPL). However,  the law is clear that an advocate simply ensuring the functionality of the client is protected under the ADAAA  against all harassment, retaliation, and false accusation and, when brought to the court’s attention, a stop is generally put to such tactics Certified ADA advocates:

      • Come onto your case as a consultant and if needed expert witness.
      • Reviews each case to determine what accommodations based on their symptoms are needed in the courtroom or during legal proceedings.
      • Arrange evaluations to assess what your needs are apart from formal accommodations.
      • Prepares a request that is confidentiality provided to the access coordinator of the court requesting the accommodations.

Certified ADA Advocates are used and or considered needed in:  Law firms

      • Legal professionals need to know that law schools customarily don’t teach a training in the new
      • Regulations of the Americans with Disabilities Act of October 11, 2016.
      • A client with an invisible disability must be accommodated privately per federal mandates. A diagnosis cannot be used to determine custody, guardianship, financial management of assets—only behaviors can be used to adjudicate, not a disability.
      • Invisible disabilities must be accommodated in parity with physical disabilities. 

Professional legal and medical services:

      • Certified ADA advocates can practice in any state. Many lawyers practice law where they are
      • Members of the Bar but then use their ADA advocacy in other states where they are needed.
      • Sometimes a person needs a person to help them get through stressful times.
      • Did it feel like you went to court but did not get heard, did not have access, felt like the entire the system was rigged against you? If you don’t have equal access pre-arranged through court administration, this is how the court can feel. Once you have a certified ADA advocate, these feelings are eased because increasing communication in the courts makes the process fair.

Statement of FACTS by an ADA Advocate

The Subject Matter of Question appears from the Docket, the Orders, Past Transcripts, the acts and actions of the Judges, the Defendants, and or the Plaintiffs.  That ADA Advocate is not a lawyer that Legal Abuse Syndrome is real and it appears the system is systematically using any and all resources to harm many.

The ADA Advocate will then list what she finds, adding an Exhibit List of documents that should be reviewed for the Plaintiff / Defendant / In Re to ensure that they are not a VICTIM of any Court.

That the appearance can show the scheme to defraud  or any other crime through lack of Candor by the Judge and the Defendant / Plaintiff / In RE  (as Intervener)  and others need a full investigation by the FBI, the State Bar, and the Judicial Commission  to avoid the slippery slope of judicial misconduct.

That any one person who was raised with integrity would be “Shell Shock”.  This is a pattern and practice where the courts are able to create a situation where one party of a dispute is demoralized and marginalized by the discrimination of the courts.

Victims can and are created in (two ways: violence and by deceit. When you are raised you are told the police are your friends. Being a Judge, Doctor, and or Lawyer is one of the highest and most respected professions.

Today all across America we are seeing whistleblowers’ lives torn apart from what you find in the documents and the acts and actions of Gals, Guardians, Financial Guardians, Lawyers, and Judges.

As stated in the beginning the ADA Advocate is not a lawyer. The ADA Advocate is not making legal suggestions.  The ADA Advocate Certified or not is MAKING Common Sense suggestions:  of an investigation into the appearance of BIAS, Violation of Constitutional Rights and or Civil Rights acts Under the Color of Law et al in a case by others in the case.

Civil rights are personal rights guaranteed and protected by the U.S. Constitution and federal laws enacted by Congress, such as the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. Civil rights include protection from unlawful discrimination.Our country’s Constitution and federal laws contain critical protections that form the foundation of our inclusive society—the right to be free from discrimination, the freedom to worship as we choose, the right to vote for our elected representatives, the protections of due process, and the right to privacy.