Thank You

Lady Justice, a blindfolded woman carrying a sword and a set of scales, is a common symbol on courthouses in America and inside some courtrooms. She symbolizes fair and equal  administration of the law, without corruption, favor, greed, or prejudice.

Janice Wolk Grenadier founder of JudicialPedia, is the ex-wife of a  son of a judge, with an ex-mother-in-law that is divorce lawyer.  I wasn’t the one with the “POWER & MONEY” to win in the courts.  I was naive, their lies, schemes, and stealing started in or around December of 1988 and continue today. 

You most likely are a lot like me –  I may be the person behind you in the grocery store, the bank – taking a walk trying to destress.  But, the “TRUTH” is I am broken inside and most likely will never heal in this lifetime.  I am no different than MILLIONS of people in America.

The reason for founding JudicialPedia:  Believing that the Constitution was what the Judiciary followed.  I have woke up since then and now after being sentenced to 30 days in jail for not having $8,100 to pay my ex-husband / David Mark Grenadier and ex-mother-in-law/Divorce Lawyer Ilona Ely Grenadier Heckman’s lawyers (Ben DiMuro, Andrea Mosley & Micheal Weiser Esq) legal fees – so they could lie in court, lie in court documents all the way to the Supreme Court of Virginia.  I spent 22 days in jail / 14 of those days in solitary confinement.  Judge James Clark of the City of Alexandria did this for his “FRIENDS”  Bank President Taylor Burke III  and the above.

No one cared,  so I know how you feel.  I know your pain.  But, just sitting back and doing nothing is not something I can live with.  I have made mistakes, but, when you are in a spiral of going downhill and you have by all appearances 50 or more people in the Ilona Ely Grenadier Heckman “GANG”  working around the clock to ruin you – you go into survival mode.  This included and was not limited to the Gov of Virginia, the Legislature of Virginia, the Judicial including and not limited to Federal & State Judges, the Supreme Court of Virginia, the JIRC, the VSB, the DOJ, the FCC, the FBI, the VA State Police, the Sheriffs and everyone in the State Government of Virginia and many others. 

Until this happens to you – you don’t believe it.  

I created this for everyone who has walked down this path.  If you put your case on the site you will be helping to make sure what happened to you may not happen to someone else – to a friend, a neighbor, or just the person standing behind you in the grocery store line.

The Courts silence us by not allowing our phones, recording devices, and just the basic liberties the constitution calls for in the courts.  When a Judge can’t control you as he wants, he threatens or throws you in jail – illegally. 

The Grand Jury the 4th arm of Government was created by our forefathers to ensure justice and redress of corruption in the other branches of government (Executor, Legislature – Judiciary).    The Grand Jury would be a place for citizens to go and ask for an investigation.  We are denied this in the City of Alexandria, Virginia even with a letter from the Supreme Court of Virginia I am told by Commonwealth Attorney Bryan Porter if go near the Grand Jury  – I will be arrested as he has 5 – 7 Sheriffs waiting to arrest me.  Just one of the many “Cover-Ups” of the rich & powerful.

I hope you will join me in making the needed change of Making the America Judiciary Accountable

Thank you for your support!