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JudicialPedia looks to Make the American Judiciary Accountable by:

  1. Empowering people to understand their Constitutional rights
  2. Connecting others while getting the Big Data needed to show the pattern and practice of the Judiciary
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Our Terms of Use:

Welcome to JudicialPedia.  A mission to gather the Big Data needed to hold the Judiciary Accountable and to help insure justice for all Americans.

JudicialPedia provides the infrastructure and organizational framework for the collection of the data and for the public domain to disseminate and effectively decide what is the truth as to what is taking place in our courts.

JudicialPedia will  strive to make and keep educational and informational content for the Projects available on the internet free of charge, in perpetuity.

JudicialPedia  welcomes you as a reader, editor, author, or contributor to JudicialPedia, and we encourage you to join the JudicialPedia  community.